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PressOne is a business phone for entrepreneurs with numbers available in Nigeria. Rippledesk is a phone and messaging system tailored for small and medium businesses, with phone numbers available in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and North America.

Phone system comparison

Choosing the right phone system is crucial for the success of your business communication. Below is a comprehensive comparison between Rippledesk and PressOne to help you make an informed decision.
Available phone numbers
North America, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanazania
Monthly subscription
Free, $18, $32
$4, $7, $10
Free  monthly talk time
400 minutes on any paid plan
Number porting
Toll-free numbers
Texting functionality
Call recording
Voice transcription
Contact center live dashboard
Group calling
International calling
SenderIDs, Shortcode Integration
Campaigns & Automation for voice and SMS
Subscriber lists & Segments
Workflow Integration
Slack, Google, Shopify
CRM Integration
Mobile app
Other channels

Updated On April 2024.

When should you consider picking Rippledesk over PressOne

Collaborative tools

Rippledesk provides a robust set of collaborative tools for managing calls such as a shared inbox, mentions, notes,  and tags.

Branded messaging

Leverage Sender ID and Shortcodes for your messaging campaigns to effectively promote your brand.

Automated engagement

Campaign and automation features on voice and messaging.

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